Do NOT take the JAB


PROOF the vaccine/jab is KILLING HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS, birth rate is down 20% because of dead fetuses, Funeral Home Business for adults is up 140%

PROOF that you were injected with "ELECTRO MAGNETIC DEVICES" (start video at 11 minutes)

Jabs "ARE" KILLING you

Overview 2 years later= 2 years later jabbed people are "STILL" clotting

How they will KILL you using 5G phone signals

Disease is DELIBERATELY being caused in the vaxxed

Takes 15 months to clear spike protein out of your brain

Do NOT follow their LYING instructions, LIVE YOUR LIFE as a FREE man

You "MUST" watch this Video> PROOF we are going to be manipulated by changing our Neuro brain Functions & CHANGING our BLOOD!!

The Jabbed people are SHEDDING the Spike Protein and Graphene Oxide onto you

Even if you did NOT take the jab, you STILL WILL HAVE the spike protein and the graphene in you

See for yourself the actual nanoelectronic devices in your blood

See for yourself the actual nano electronic devices in your blood

Explanation of what HAPPENS to you with EACH Jab

"PROOF" Heart-related EMERGENCIES are UP 3 times higher

Spike Protein Detox Guide=even if you were not vaxxed because you were "SHED" ON

Weren’t Dropping DEAD before the JAB

Only 20 % of bottles have Graphene Oxide and written proof the JAB is designed for permanent DNA editing

More children DIE from the JAB, than from Covid

 Don't take     P.S. at least we as a Church have got the guts to SPEAK OUT and save people's lives and not remain silent