We are "RESTORING" all things. Church Ministers ARE living in a DELUSION, and REFUSE to Repent.

"EVERY" minister in "EVERY" Church MUST repent & change now, to OBEY "ALL" God's TRUTHS on this Site.

"ALL" ministers now preach LIES & worse yet: Others fool you with "some" Truth but it also is "MIXED with LIES".

"YOU" Mr. minister are "notan exception!

Click here> Proof we "ARE RESTORING"/Following God's Bible "MOREthan any other Church in the whole World.


“UNDERSTANDING GOD’S Truth” JUST THE WAY IT WAS WRITTEN BY GOD, without a minister’s or Denomination’s preposterous LYING about “THEIR”

making changes to God’s WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS.

You ministers “STRIKE DOWN” God’s Holy Day with an Averaging Calendar

and “little you” calls a different Day Holy timecausing members to work and buy and sell on God’s Holy Feast Day Sabbaths!

… my Sabbaths they greatly profanedEzekiel 20:13 ESV

YOU” Mr. minister “ARE” PROFANING God’s Sabbaths/ Holy Days! AND you ministers are

such UNteachable BAD servants that

YOU REFUSE to do 1 click on your Computer to see/know/use God’s EXACT PRECISELY “CORRECTLY” TIMED/NUMBERED/COMMANDED Holy Day TIME.

That MAKES you a slothful, wicked servant, as PROVEN by the above FACTS. Period. You can’t lie or deny your way out of it, “BECAUSE” you REFUSE to use the Bible’s WRITTEN correct day.


“Why” do ministers change God’s Bible Commands unless 2021 ministers are FAKES/Liars suppressing/CHANGING/HIDING God’s BIBLE Words, and therefore are NOT to be followed.

Editor’s Note:

“YOU” Mr. minister are a deceived self-willed person, who refuses to learn, even when you are shown the TRUTH to just click your computer to use God’s CORRECT Holy Day=

“YOU” REFUSE to learn AND apply rediscovered TRUTH, (including the truth that you cannot use the IDL (International Dateline), because then “your” weekly Sabbath starts a day earlier than God’s Jerusalem Sabbath.

YOU cause every NATION from Australia 25  million westward to Pakistan 221 million, including India 1 1/3 Billion and China 1 ½ Billion to have God’s weekly Sabbath on the 6th Day instead of God’s 7th Day!!!

YOU are causing HALF THE WORLD’s people to have God’s Sabbath on THE WRONG DAY, because God’s Sabbath starts/begins AT Jerusalem. NOT to jump to the middle of the Pacific ocean in 1884. WAKE UP.


You REFUSE to be taught and REFUSE to learn and apply Restored TRUTH, BECAUSE “YOU” Mr. Sinister “ARE”:

1.)     INSISTING on worshiping ON the WRONG UNholy 6th day in half the World especially harming/causing God’s chosen people to sin in Australia and New Zealand by using the IDL, and

by to further SIN by using an averaging calendar THAT MOVES ALL OF God’s other 7 yearly Holy Feast Days to the WRONG UNholy DAY!!!

2.)    REFUSING to worship on God’s instructed CORRECT “HOLY” DAY time, and indeed you WORK, buy and sell on God’s High Holy Days.

You Mr. Minister are just as evil as the Pope who moves God’s 7th day to the 1st day BECAUSE you” move God’s High Holy Days 2 days early 1 day late, 2 days late and 1 day early.

3.)    And also “YOU” Mr. minister AND “your” Denomination “ARE” just as evil as the Pope, BECAUSE you just like the Pope: “you” REFUSE TO REPENT.


Attention converted souls/people/God’s chosen: Since Ministers and their Churches REFUSE to Grow in Knowledge and REFUSE TO REPENT:

Therefore you must Instead FORM YOUR OWN GROUP "in your homes" that "DOES" follow God’s Words, and meet just like the 1st Century Christians did.

That way you can GROW in Grace and in Knowledge, 2nd Peter 3:18, and not be stagnant since 1972 having not rediscovered additional points of God’s ways,

and NOT be misled by ministers who continue to change God’s instructions IN MANY AREAS, and continue to use a phony averaging calendar that STRIKES DOWN God’s HOLY Days.

You have to meet in your homes BECAUSE:

The ministers CHANGED God’s 1st Century Days to the Satanic Days of SUNday/Baal, New Years Day/Janus, Mothers Day/Ghia, Lent/TammuzEaster/Ishtar,

Fathers Day/Father of ALL the gODS, Halloween/Samhainclick here> Thanksgiving/Ceres, and Xmas/Nimrod/Baal the Sun comes back.


And once you have repented from observing Satan’s days, you STILL have to meet in homes BECAUSE Church of God ministers changed God’s Holy Times:

Church of God ministers “HID”/BURIED God’s true Holy Times/Days with a phony unapproved NOT IN GOD”S BIBLE ungodly averaging calendabecause they are too lazy, deceived, negligent, sloppy, uncaring, slothful, bad servants, wicked servants. Matthew 25:26 But his master answered him, 'You wicked and slothful servant! = YOU slothful ministers HID God’s Holy Times= The slothful servant HID God’s precise Holy Time. Slothful servants will burn in Hell proven by the Bible:  30 Now throw this useless servant into outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.’ Lamsa Bible
And the idle servant they threw into the outer darkness; there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

YOU Mr. minster “ARE” an idle servant “BECAUSE” little you refuses to click his computer to SEE and KNOW


“YOU” Mr. minister are a self-willed idle  servant, proven because “YOU” refuse to use just 1 click of your computer click here> www.RenewedMoon.com

to SEE and use God’s correct “HOLY TIME” because these are “PARTICULAR” APPOINTED “SPECIFIC” HOLY DAY dates=appointment times to meet God=TIMES/SPECIFIC EXACT Dates= A PRECISE set aside HOLY TIME to appear before God. BUT YOU” Mr. minister are a CORRUPT minister, BECAUSE “you” CORRUPTED GOD’S SPECIFIC HOLY “TIMES” by MOVING God’s HOLY Days with an averaging calendar, and you Mr. minister are even so further CORRUPT: That you refuse to just click on your computer to see, change, and repent to USE the CORRECT DAY that God Himself COMMANDS little you to  use.

And “YOU” Mr. minister are so CORRUPT you refuse to observe GOD’S “SPECIFIED” “proper” EXACTLY TIMED “written down in God’s Bible with numbers, God’s “PARTICULAR” DAYS OF THE CALENDAR that are HOLY!= “HOLY TIME” Exodus 23:14-16, HBFV. Deuteronomy 16. Howbeit on the fifteenth day of the seventh month, when ye have gathered in the fruits of the land, ... The first day and the eighth day are days of special restLeviticus 23:39. ,,, “This day is holy to the Lord your God; Nehemiah 8:9. That was Trumpets which was on the 1st day of the 7th month= not a day early nor a day late=

The Holy TIME/Day “cannot” be averaged because then it isn’t Holy!

BUT you Mr. minister ARE doing the same thing as refusing to celebrate/attend “on” July 4 because you Mr. minister ARE SO CORRUPT and so evil.

YOU” Mr. minister are not allowed to “override” God’s codified/written down days in His Bible.

YOU are NOT allowed to, and little you CANNOT CHOOSE to use an averaging calendar.

Because then: little you are telling God what times/days to celebrate God’s HOLYdays on.

YOU are telling God when to show up!

You ministers



you refuse to repent  and use the correct DAY.

“YOU” Mr. minister  ARE CORRUPT.

PROVEN” BY YOUR CORRUPT ACTION of using an unbiblical/not in God’s Bible Averaging Calendar.

Resulting in:

Moving=CHANGING God’s Holy Times.


Causing members to miss their meeting with God!

Under the New Covenant, God’s law is being written in the hearts of Christians through the power of God’s Holy Spirit. Romans 5:5Hebrews 8:1010:16. But “you Mr. minister won’t allow God to write on “YOUR” heart.

Editor’s Note: There are none so blind, as those who refuse to see. So here are CLEAR SCRIPTURES that state you cannot add or use an averaging calendar, to force you ministers to stop using an averaging calendar:


Deuteronomy 12:32 God says: “Do NOT add” “ANYTHING”= an averaging calendar=anything MEANS anything, and do NOT take away= by moving His existing Holy Days around. PERIOD. End of discussion.

YOU ministers are so DECEIVED as to not understand what the word “anything” meansGill’s Exposition paraphrased: What thing soever I command you, observe to do it In the manner it is commanded and directed to; the laws of God, both as to matter and manner= [without an averaging calendar], were to be obeyed just as they were delivered= [without an averaging calendar]: thou shall not add thereto, nor diminish from it… Proverbs 30:6  Do NOT add to HIS words… Add thou not unto his words… Again YOU ministers don’t understand that adding an averaging calendar adds to “HIS” WORDS.

The rule and standard of faith and practice, and the Bible’s words are sufficient and perfect Deuteronomy 4:2 lest he reprove thee;
Those who add to his words, He threatens to add plagues unto them, not being what is written in the Bible, but upon 
human inventions=an averaging calendar, as an addition [to God’s Bible] to it. As [if] superior to God’s written words; whereas the words of the Bible are the “only” rule and standard of faith and practice, and God’s Bible [IS] a sufficient and perfect one Deuteronomy 4:2 ; lest he reprove thee;

Those who add [an averaging calendar] to HIS words, He threatens to add plagues unto them Revelation 22:18 .

You sloppy ministers averaged God’s Holy Days because you were so self-willed wicked that you REFUSED to follow God’s words in Genesis 1:14 that commands: Lights will MARK days. All you SLOTHFUL ministers had to do was just click on your computer to know God’s “HOLY” SPECIFIC Time/ Day to Meet, but you ministers are so self-willed and SLOTHFUL you ministers refused to. You WICKED servants changed and averaged God’s Holy SPECIFIC COMMANDED Time, thereby

moving God’s Holy Times to days that are “NOT” HOLY Times.

When you discovered God’s “True” meeting Holy Days, you then changed the Holy Day dates causing you and your whole congregation to “STILL”


BECAUSE you show up before or after the true day of God is over.

BECAUSE you crazily use an averaging calendar!

INSTEAD “contend earnestly” for the faith ONCE DELIVEREDJude 3. “OR” disobey God’s Word/COMMAND of LIGHTS “WILL” MARK what PARTICULAR 24 hour days are HOLY.


Angels meet with God on the precisely timed 7 Holy Days

And “you” ministers REFUSE to follow God’s EXACT Calendar EXACT MEETING Days!

It is like thinking you can celebrate July 4 on July 3rd or July 5th.

God WON’T be there because God only MEETS on HIS Genesis 1:14 MARKED/SET days.

YOU  ministers and members who follow lying ministers that say you can average God’s Holy Days, “WILL’’ ALL be CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE by the Court of Heaven.

Ask yourself:

Are “YOU” going to continue to follow your ministers’/churches’ INCORRECT "AVERAGED” Holy Days

that CHANGE GOD’S meeting DAY to be too early or too late= causing you to: MISS YOUR APPOINTMENT with God!


Ministers/sinisters declare a “WRONG DAY”/a different day as HOLY= sinisters declare a different time period to be Holy declaring a “different” Calendar day to be Holy, and they then command you not to work on their WRONG calendar DAY which is a different period of time that is different from God’s Holy Time. They average/MOVE God’s Holy Days and then they walk away and try to say: “I’ve done nothing wrong.” When in fact they violated God’s Bible command of: “not to alter=, not to add to, nor take away from God’s Bible words/[times]. Do not add to what I command you and do not subtract from it, but keep the commands of the LORD your God that I give you. Deuteronomy 4:2 NIV, 32 See that you do all I command you; do not add to it or take away from it.[a]  Deuteronomy 12:32Revelation 22:18-19. Today’s ministers are LIARS when they say they obey the Bible, PROVEN BY THE FACT they take away the proper RIGHT DAY, and MOVE IT TO another different wrong day, AND refuse to repent by just clicking their computer to know “GOD’S” Genesis 1:14  COMMANDED DATE, www.RenewedMoon.com . That makes the ministers EVIL servants.

Are you going to follow GOD’S BIBLE’s “WRITTEN Ways and “WRITTEN” Precisely timed Calendar DAYS as COMMANDED in Genesis 1:14;

or are  you stupidly going to MISS your July 4th type Appointment/MeetingS with God?

All ministers REFUSE to follow “EVERY” WORD/SENTENCE of God, and this is a proven FACT when you actually read what is written in your Bible.


Even after they repented from following PAGAN Satanic DAYS of SUNday, Easter/Ishtar goddess of sex=eggs & rabbits, Xmas/Baal returns= the sun gOD shortest day etc., the ministers STILL DISobey.


We are "RESTORING" all things. Church Ministers ARE living in a DELUSION, and REFUSE to Repent.

"EVERY" minister in "EVERY" Church MUST repent & change now, to OBEY "ALL" God's TRUTHS on this Site.

"ALL" ministers now preach LIES & worse yet: Others fool you with "some" Truth but it also is "MIXED with LIES".

"YOU" Mr. minister are "notan exception!

Click here> Proof we "ARE RESTORING"/Following God's Bible "MOREthan any other Church in the whole World.

How can you DEVELOP Character by living the “BEST” CORRECT way “IF” you don’t have or know “ANY” of the Father’s “Rules” THAT ARE THE BEST to live byGARBAGE in= GARBAGE out

God will put into your new body your old cassette tape (memory) back into you when he raises you from the dead= that is why you have to develop good character.

Church Of God ministers are wrongly PLAYING GOD: By CANCELLING God’s “Appointed Times” that God states are HOLY,

with ministers SETTING DIFFERENT TIMES “MOVING” God’s Holy Days by using a Phony Averaging Calendar and are

calling DIFFERENT TIMES/days Holy.

God STATES that you ministers are NOT allowed to add an averaging Calendar. …thou shalt not add thereto… Deuteronomy 12:32

But nearly ALL Churches of God MINISTERS disobey God and have ADDED an Averaging Calendar!

Therefore "ALL" ministers now preach LIES “BY” teaching you to OBSERVE the WRONG Calendar DAYS that are NOT God’s Calendar’s Days.

And worse yet: Others fool you with "some" Truth but it also is "MIXED with LIES". Satan mixes truth with lies.

"YOU" Mr. minister are "notan exception!

Warning to Ministers: Bible examples repeatedly reveal the truth about the power of the Word of God, which will bring Judgment upon ministers who reject Deuteronomy 12:32’s Do NOT add.

YOU” and your ministers are DAMNED TO HELLFIRE because God states:

…if anyone evangelizes you [changed anything different from the 1st Century] outside of what you have received [in the 1st Century] he shall be damnedGalatians 1:9 ABPE Corrupt Men/Ministers

… God will punish anyone [you ministers] who preach anything different from what you have already believed [in the 1st Century]. Galatians 1:9 CEV (Contemporary English Version).